November 23, 2009
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We started out Friends
Well Friends with Benefits
I went through nine months of worry.
I asked myself every night,
“Is this meant to be? Is this ever going to happen?”
I really Love him.
I want to be with him and him only.
I waited, and waited, and waited………

One week before lovers’ day,
Or Valentines Day he asked me my favorite question,
“Will you go out with me?”
All my insides lit up……
My heart beat got faster.
By that point I knew pretty much everything about him.
Within a month I felt completely in love with him.

He was my first kiss,
Basically my first love.
He opened me up as a person,
He made me a different person.
I was completely honest with him,
I told him everything

One day I had to pick up and leave,
My family was moving away,
He promised he’d always be here,
And he’d never leave.
Being so far away,
We grew closer.
I trusted him……
We were Hard to pull apart,
We were a team.
This is what I called love, young love.

It has been Seven months we’ve been apart.
A couple of weeks ago,
He’d asked if I’d like to take a break from our relationship.
I started to feel so much pain,
I told him No, he was ok with it.
I built a barrier for what was next.

A couple of days ago, he said
“We have to take a break”
That wall I thought I built,
Crumbled right before my eyes.
For days I blamed me,
What did I do?

He had moved on,
He told me he’d be back
“He Promised”
So many times I’ve been broken before.
What do I believe?

Tears of pain,
Tears of sadness,
What did go wrong?
I loved him whole heartedly,
I still do…………
I’m here for him,
When he returns.
For I will always love him.

Every Kiss,
Every secret,
Sort of set aside.
I am put on hold,
I feel like nothing I did could be right.

I Love Him!
I am waiting once again…………………

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