November 23, 2009
By , huntington beach, CA
You’ve got so much potential; but you throw it away,
So much knowledge; and people want to hear what you have to say,
You could do a great many things in life,
But not if you die,
I believe in you,
And all that you can do,
You’ve been through a lot,
You have the right to be distraught,
So never drink just to get drunk,
It’s pointless as would say the monk,
Show the world all that you can be,
Show them the man that I see,
The man that I’ve always loved and always will,
Someone who if given the chance could climb the highest hill,
The highest mountain top,
And not have fear that he will drop,
Someone that accepts that he is great,
And knows that God has destined him a better fate,
I can’t sit here and watch you do this to yourself; not anymore,
There are an endless amount of doors,
You just happened to open the wrong one,
And although we can’t go back and change what’s done,
We can move on in hopes of something new,
If only you knew how much we all love you,
Then would you be able to see,
The hurt that we are subsiding,
Please embark on a different path,
Before it’s too late to make anew; obviously there’s no going back,
But moving forward is a possibility,
Moving on is a capability,
Be the man that you want to be
Be the change that you want to see,
Prove everyone who ever doubted you wrong; and prove me right,
I know that you’ve got a lot of audacity; lot of fight,
And you can do just anything,
I see it even if you cant see,
So open your eyes to a world full of opportunities,
A place of possibilities,
You’re a great man,
Who for God has made even greater plans,
One day hopefully soon,
You’ll wake up and there'll be no more havoc; no sign of a monsoon,
The past will stay in the past,
And tomorrow is coming up fast,
Your day your chance will soon arrive,
And it will leave you feel invigorated and alive,
I love you with all my heart,
Please be you and stand apart,
Don’t try to blend in but instead stand out,
Be the one that people look at and say '"he’s found his escape his way out"
Please I’m asking; no begging from deep within,
Please don’t give,
Be the bigger man,
Get your head out of LALA land,
A man who wants to change his ways,
And live happier more fruitful days,
I want you to feel accomplished and beneficial,
I want you to look in the mirror and see what’s real,
See what’s been there all along,
Hear that mind awakening gong,
What’s been under neath,
A man not a boy,
Who in his life has given me so much joy
I want to see you live,
So please forgive,
For my blatant honesty; its for your own good!!!!

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