Army for the Heart

November 23, 2009
Lined up army men defend the battlegrounds that is my heart,
Standing at attention,
Willing to fight off whatever comes there way,
They say loves a battlefield,
Boy were they right,
The human heart can only take so many blows,
Not even the tin soldiers can protect it forever,
What will I do when they're gone?
When they've all died for me,
Diving for bullets they shouldn't have to take,
Bullets that weren't meant for them.
I've got to get stronger,
Faster, better, stronger,
Build up tolerances for the things that bother me,
Put up walls that can handle the teasing,
The ridicule,
The ignorance,
Where do I start though?
I guess I'll start from the depths and work my way up.
It'll be difficult,
But I think I can do it,
No wait,
I know I can do it.

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