November 23, 2009
By sirsethaniel BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
sirsethaniel BRONZE, Bangor, Maine
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Indecision lingering, for only a moment
I wonder if the cool breeze is an omen
Watching waiting talking turning taking
Refuge, normality, neutrality, talking
Imperialism, talking giant chasms
Talking about giant quaking problems
Too large to fathom, too miniscule to matter
In the larger scope. The big picture
Strangling me again; Once again,
I’m sinking into an alley
Sinking into a know nothing attitude
Watching clouds pass, watching nothing
Scream over us, high overhead.
The sound is almost deafening
The sound of an eye opening apathy.
The breaking waves of realization crash over me
I’m losing the war, losing every single battle
But I trudge through the trenches not thinking for a second
That there may be a better life,
Somewhere, somewhere above, beyond
Where cracks and shells don’t reign over me
don’t rain over me.
A downpour of melancholy shrapnel
Unleashing words, unleashing emotions in a violent
Turbulent, earth shattering

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