A Soldiers Last Stand

November 23, 2009
By Anonymous

He takes a long slow deep breath
He cant gain focus too much chaos
Crying yelling explosions is all he hears
Bullets whizzing by creating no space to move
Inches from his head they sore undetected
Inches from his sweat drenched face

All sounds are deep dark and buffered
The constant ringing in his ear from tanks and grenades going off
He looks around
Smokey buildings tanks on fire deep trenches

A sudden pain pierces his shoulder
He panics, clipped, he has fallen back
Fellow comrades create a dark enclosed atmosphere around him
Spitting bullets at the enemy hostiles
There bullets are like words
Colliding with meaning and feeling towards the enemy

His breaths are getting heavier
Everything is illuminated dark shadows appear In his eyes
The mass of the shadows increases every second

He feels darkness, being cold, defeat
All he wants is to feel his wife’s soft lips on his one more time
To hold his newborn knowing he will
never be there to see him graduate or get married.
He can’t, his heartbeat becomes slower and slower
He is facing darkness he hears the unforgettable sound of silence
Everything goes blank he has taken his last stand

The author's comments:
i was given a picture in class of a soilders backpack with loads of bullets and all your basic military equipment. it inspired me to write this

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