December 5, 2009
By , Nashville, GA
She takes a hit,
Gets back up,
Takes another,
This time to the face.

Blood drips from her nose,
A kick to the stomach,
"Get up you snitch!".

They grab her by the shirt,
She hits the fence,
"You're gonna pay for what you did",
Another kick to the stomach.

She falls to the ground,
Can't see,
Hears the blade switch out,
"Hold her up!".

"Is that the best you got?",
A punch to her jaw,
She really shouldn't have said that.

Blood-curdling scream rings out,
"Shut her up!!!!",
They clamp their hands over her mouth,
As the other girl shoves the knife farther down in her leg.

Left for dead,
She can here a voice,
Calling her name,

I open my eyes,
As C comes into focus,
"Oh my God!!!!!!!".

She's crying,
As she helps me to my feet,
"Hurry, before they come back".

We try to run,
But come to a dead stop,
As we see them.

There's six of them,
Two of us,
They've got knives,
We've got our fists.

Blaring down the corner,
They take off,
And so do we.

By the time we reach her house,
The cops are gone,
And exhaustion begins to overwhelm me.

Hours later,
Wake up,
Try to stand,
But wince in agony,
As pain shoots through my leg.

"You got jumped",
"They were gonna leave you to die,
But came back to finish you off".

At the sound of her words,
I remember a little of what happened.

K's gone,
I testified,
And they came after me.

One eye closed shut,
A busted nose,
Bruised up stomach,
And a stab to my left leg.

"There's six stitches",
I realize what she's saying,
Yep, there's six of them.

"What happened?",
"His girlfriend took his knife",
"How'd you know where to find me?",
"Heard your scream....".

Two months later,
I'm able to walk without limping,
There's no more bruises,
And i can see.

I don't regret what i did,
Her family got their peace,
But me?,
I got my revenge.

Kayla's in the ground,
He's in a jail cell,
They're on the run,
And I'm bulletproof.

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