A Broken Promise

December 5, 2009
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Promises don’t mean a thing
Often leaves an indescribable sting
Hopes get so high
I let out a cry
Emotions become so flat
I prepare for combat
Where do I begin?
It seems as if I will never win
A war of words takes place
This broken promise cannot be erased
Why me?
Forgive her? I cannot agree
In my room, thinking about things
The next thing I know my cell phone rings
I question whether to answer or not
My parents and I had just fought
Her and her stingy ways
I just cannot deal with this today
I lie to her, just so I can go
What she did was so low
All of my pain, hurt, and tears
Will be remembered for years and years
Promises will never mean a thing
They will always leave an indescribable sting

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