Number 1

December 5, 2009
Not everyone can be # 1.
You may want to, but it won’t happen.
Why? The child asked.
It’s too hard; it’s too much stress.
You don’t want to face failure; it’s very unpleasant.
You don’t want to chase your dream; you will only hurt others and yourself.
But what happened to your dream? He asked.
I decided to stop chasing it.
The unhappiness it caused was too much for me.
You see chasing happiness is only a fool’s thought.
What is a fool? the child asked.
It is a person who is stupid or idiotic.
What is stupid? the child asked.
The person responded impatiently, It is someone who knows what to do, but doesn’t do it.
Child, being #1 is a fool’s dream.
Chasing happiness is a fool’s dream.
Are you happy? the child asked.
Of course I am; you feel no pain or loss when you don’t do anything.
That is when you are happy.
The child began to walk out the door…
Where are you going? the person asked.
I’m sorry but I have to go.
It’s true not everyone can be # 1.
It’s true dream are hard to obtain.
It’s true the pursuit of happiness is full of turmoil.
But I would rather be a fool than a liar.
Rather be a dreamer than a failure.
For I have no doubt I will be # 1.
For I have no doubt that I will obtain my dream.
I thank you for now I know who is the real fool.

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