November 27, 2009
theres a hole in your chest, you swear to god you can feel it.
it eats away at your flesh greedily, you tell me you can hear it every night when you lay awake.

theres a hole in your chest, you swear to god, i watch you try to hold yourself together against the breaking ribs and tearing skin. i watch your hands grasp at your hair and your chest rise and fall with each sob erupting from your body.
what am i supposed to do?
i'll wrap myself around you and try to keep you in tact; but you know that i can't stay.
every single day, theres less hope, theres less need to hold back so much against the the beast ravishing your body.
theres less need to keep things in check.
please dont ever think i dont know, i may not know a lot, but i know when you struggle.
and i may not know much, but i know its getting harder to try.
if you needed me, i would try, i could try enough for the both of us, i could follow you everywhere and hold you together like glue.
i think maybe your hoplessness is catching, and i think maybe your contagious; because i swear to god i can feel my chest begin to cave, i swear to god i can feel it.

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