December 10, 2009
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A lifestyle
You love your parents
You love basketball
You love music
As observed it exists everywhere


An obstacle
When trying to hide it
You can’t think of anything else
But expressing your feelings
To that special someone
And later comes out to your surprise

A disease
That follows you forever
There is no cure
There are no antibiotics
It’ll soon be shown
By all its symptoms

A game
There’s hard to get
Where one enjoys
But one gets tired
As one gains and one loses interest
“Let’s be friends” is the result

A heartbreaker
When love expires
The spark is gone
But you’ll always be connected
Because love lasts forever
Even though you’re not in the motions

Your life
One day you’ll be with that special someone
Where one will propose
The other will accept
And the words “I now pronounce you…”
Will lead to a life journey of love

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