December 10, 2009
By AZ_girl SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
AZ_girl SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Happiness is who you want it to be:
It is a powerful king,
And a knight with a peaceful sword.
It can also be your jester-
Entertaining you when necessary.

Happiness is what you want it to be:
Balmy, blissful and inviting
As the sun’s rays in spring
Or joyful and exciting,
Like the first flakes of snow on a cool winter’s eve.

Happiness is when you want it to be:
In very early dawn
During the very first light,
Or at noon when you are playing in the crisp lawn;
In the fresh, exciting day.

Happiness is where you want it to be:
Down the dark way,
Beckoning whatever light is brave enough to show.
Or in the midst of day,
Holding to you with soft silky hands.

Happiness is the blessing you’ve been waiting for
Ever since you got hurt
That distracts you from the reality of life
You wish it could always be this way
And it can when you let go of strife.

The author's comments:
This poem was a creative writing assignment and was inspired by Langston Hughes

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