December 10, 2009
By alliloverr. GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
alliloverr. GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
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it starts with a simple crush
from the first time she saw
that sliver of a diamond glint
in his eyes that are as deep as the ocean
too bad she doesn't know her fate

secret love notes written in code
fill lockers, backpacks, and desks
dates and times are set for meetings
heartbeats rise as the date gets closer
she's waiting right by the door as he pulls up

walking back from the park
she thinks this can't be real
she has never known as much joy
street lights dance along with them on the pavement
he kisses her, its her first
too bad she doesn't know that it'll be her last

people stare the next morning
they point and laugh, they hide and avoid
the helpless, confused eenage girl
she does as most people would
she seeks a friend, someone to comfort her
she seeks him.

silky flowing blond hair covering a perfect face
that sits atop the perfect body dressed in the perfect clothes
that is wrapped in his arms in a binding hug
who is this girl?
too bad she doesnt know this wasnt the end

an electric whisper runs through her veins
she turns and bolts, keeps running
her heart, its torn
she grabs a razor, the only thing to comfort her

tears mix with blood that flows out of her wrist
creating pain on the ouotside
to counteract the pain on the inside
tis a relief to know this wont leave her
too bad she doesnt know the worst is yet to come

he wont leave her mind
she is going mad, she begs "PLEASE, make it stop!"
climbing out from the window of the tallest building
she jumps. her time is up. she is forever free.
too bad she didnt know...it was her sister

The author's comments:
this poem is about a boy and a girl. they fell in love and went on a date. the girl comes to school the next morning and is paranoid that everyone is looking at her. so she sees the boy hugging a girl and assumes he has a girlfriend.so she cuts herself and kills herself. at the end of the poem the reader finds out that he was hugging his sister.

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