The Squealing of Tires

December 10, 2009
By StrawberryLungs BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
StrawberryLungs BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
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You’ve grown over the years
And we’ve grown apart
I still love your lanky run
How you’re the only one who can beat me
In everything we do
And the way the sun threads your hair with blinding gold
How it still makes my heart hurt
I still love that rare smile you show

You look good you say

Not so bad yourself I grin

And when I say so you smile that slow sad smile of yours
Which reminds me of that park where we used to laugh
And play
As kids
With the lady on the bench feeding the birds
The one who died all those years ago
And when I close my eyes
I can still hear the sound of hundreds of seeds scattering on the ground
Like hardened rain
And the soft fluttering of pigeon wings.

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