I was trying to Describe you

December 10, 2009
By Pianohasbeendrinking SILVER, San Francisco, California
Pianohasbeendrinking SILVER, San Francisco, California
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I was trying to describe you to someone

the other night.
about how when we met you were much smaller and
with eyes much brighter
and it was years ago
in lifetimes behind.

I was trying to describe you but I couldn’t
at least not the way I describe
more orthodox figures. I tried.

I tried to describe you
as theme music
as the opening credits of Amelie
where everything is written in gold print
and is all so familiar but
whatever way you twist things
it all comes out in French

I was trying to describe you
as heavy air
left cut-up on the mixing board
overseen in the song
or movie
like the moment in Easy Rider
where Peter Fonda all in
the adaptations of his
Captain America
“I never wanted to be anybody else”
like he says every time
and how every time we try to believe him

I try to describe your mind
as the last call in a midnight diner
as the waitress behind an all blue freckled counter
or the poppy-seed between her two front teeth
the diner that nobody ever tries too hard to find
but where everyone goes
when they don’t want to go home

I try to describe your eyes
as moment Illuminated
as after diving into the water
your toes needles of a comb
your hands brush strokes eyelashes
forced finally apart as you
feel into the moment
as how I would look up
frozen in whirlpools of evergreen
smog because it dances
just like you dance and it traces
a labyrinth in the water overhead
and there it is
what you would have never known
if you hadn’t opened your eyes
and looked up

I was trying to describe you
as if in the act
I could sew you to the sky
pin you up there like
the immovable hero
and let the ash from your cigarettes
fall like snow

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