What Scientists Call "Depression"

Don't try to explain
this sadness in me
with your names and diagnosis;
You scientists say this feeling
has an order,
has a process;
Don't try to tell me how,
the steps in which to grieve,
how I shoud be feeling
or the time this pain will leave;
Science can diagnose me
as "psychotic" or insane,
but I ask you do they know
this feeling?
This neverending pain?
If you were to ask me,
they don't and never will,
You've been gone so long
and I do so miss you still;
Diagnose that scientists,
Whats your name for it again?
How when a loved one dies,
you claim that someone wins?
I would leave this
one alone science,
You can try but not describe,
the pain that fills we young ones
when a loved one leaves our side

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