December 10, 2009
By ugwrestling8 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
ugwrestling8 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Wrestling: the toughest sport out there, as coach would say, legalized street brawl.
Go days without food, months without water, all to make weight.
Days turn to months, months turns to matches, matches turns to the six minutes which you have trained and worked so hard for.
Will you crush your opponent, or will your opponent crush you?
Will you pin him in the first, or tech him in the last?
The sacrifices made: the intensity, the blood left on the mat, the sweat that follows and drips behind you.
Hard work and dedication to become good; sacrifices to become the best; and confidence to become a champion.
The hardest and greatest sport in the world, as some would say.
The discipline and sacrifices that go into the sport teach lessons that no other sport can compete with.
Once you have wrestled, everything else in life becomes easy.
Giving it your all each and every day with one goal in mind: to become a champion.
This is what we do, this is how we live, because we are WRESTLERS.

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