The Worst Enemy

December 10, 2009
By silverlunarelf SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
silverlunarelf SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
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Let my dreams guide me as far as they can, and when they'be led me as far as they can, I'll take over my own destiny and go further.

Sometimes I wonder who it is you see,
Do you see me or your past regrets?
You're constantly criticizing me,
Trying to fix every problem.
Treating me with such judging eyes,
Is it too much hope for some respect?
The next time you look in the mirror,
Take more notice to the good qualities,
Rather then the bad ones,
And try to show just a little bit of respect.
Those past regrets you believe should've been different,
Always those judging eyes,
Should be put to rest.
And when you finally do that,
Tell me,
Who is it you see in the mirror?

The author's comments:
I think we all go through the self torture when we look into the mirror. Our worst enemy is only ourselves.

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