A Love Story

December 10, 2009
A long story needs to be told
Of young love and what it holds
So quickly did it come
And even faster it left
Like waves going in and out
From the deepest oceans
So did their emotions

Like land and water coming together
So did their love.
Anger and Rage
They tore at each other
Similar to a hurricane
Yet, how young love grows

Just a little older
A little more secure
Like wearing water wings
You balance yourself and begin to stay afloat
Its not enough to keep you afloat
And their love sank

Now in these days of young love
They hold promise
And perhaps true love
They look to above
Searching for reason, guidance
Something to say, “It’s going to be okay”

Young true love fights like the ocean
The tides roar onto the sand and fade away
Though at times their love seams to coward and hide
Seems to sink
Seems to tare down walls
It always finds it’s way back to the sand
from which it began.

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