Love Letter to my Heart

December 9, 2009
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When I look into your Angel eyes, my heart skips a beat.
Your arms wrapped around me is like a blanket of love.
Please don't stop kissing me, for that is my love letter to my heart.
The power of your love will always be a part of my soul.
Your feeling of warmth has outstretched toward me, creating the glow in my eyes, the shine of my smile.
Just knowing that I have you, sets my mind to an ease
Every ounce of pain brought upon me, is made easier with your presence in my life.
You are the half that makes my heart whole.
My world of emptiness has opened itself up, and grasped you within.
The feeling that I am no longer alone is a good one, one you've created for me.
My blood swims through my veins, eager to create a heart beat.
Every single inch of my heart, beats solely for you.
In my world, you are the true illumination, you make all bright
Thank you for all the todays, tomorrows, and the yesterdays.

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