Love is Love

December 9, 2009
Love is something that you know you have,
It takes you like a thief in the night,
When I first saw my love it felt like a thousand feelings all at once,
It brings warmness to your heart that blows your mind,
Along with love comes some of the best things in life,
It is having someone there with you,
Some one to tell you they love you and that you are their world,
Someone who knows you better than you know yourself,
Love makes you do things that you normally wouldn’t,
It makes you trust and open up more than you ever have before,
Love is something that can cure any problem and help you through any hard time,
It is something that cannot be replaced, something that does not leave easily,
It is something that you will hold on to for the rest of your life.
Love Is Love and Love Is Everything…

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