Your World From Human Eyes

December 9, 2009
Saturday night
wild, carefree
dozens of adventure-hungry teenagers desperate to wash away the pain of their week with music, caffiene, and laughter.
Into the party walks a girl
a confident bubble of scant denim, shiny hair, and excessive lip gloss
flouncing in as if you own the room
with your loyal, barbie-esque minions trailing shallowly behind you.
To you those stares across the room are look of jealousy and admiration
as you mingle, giggle, and flirt
You think you control these people
control how they dress, who they date, what they think,
that by telling them what's cool and what's not will gain you a certain level of respect
But what you don't realize is the rumor and disapproval behind those smiling faces.
You don't see that those stares you live for are oozing with judgement and distain.
You don't hear the whispers as you saunter by of "Bitch," "Slut," and "Whore."
As I observe the crowd's reaction, I flashback to our elementary school days:
You think that every girl in the room wants to be you?
Every girl in the room just wants to be AWAY from you!
Just because one boy, one time told you you were "Hot,"
you think you have boys falling to the ground for you?
The boys don't even want to touch you!
Because they know what you've done, they know what you want, and how can they expect to love someone who's only after one thing?
And while you lay your reputation out for the world to see,
here I stand, on the other side of the punch bowl,
a roaring spitfire of caffeine and sarcasm,
surrounded by real people who see each other for who we are, for our flaws and imperfections and our wonders.
You live your life to make people like us feel inferior because we're not like you.
Well screw you princess! We could NEVER be like you!
We've spent our whole lives watching you be fast, mean, and easy,
bouncing through life with your barbie exterior and worshipping band of followers,
singling us out as "the freaks."
but we LAUGH at you, at your dirty looks to our unfiltered comments and your world that you think is so perfect
We know we're different from you,because we laugh a little freer, and we dance a little bigger, and we may be a little bit louder and a little bit weirder,
but we're also a little bit stronger and a little bit sturdier and we stand a little bit taller
because we KNOW we're beautiful, for more reasons than you will ever know.
We're beautiful and we know it because we're not cloned of one perfectly fake being,
we do what we want and we say what we think
and we are happy in these obvious differences
and nothing that you're shallow, pathetic world can say or do will take that away from us

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