The Rain Falls

December 9, 2009
The rain falls outside this window.
Most people won't give it a second glance.
The chilling breeze drifts through the window,
covering me with a blanket of frost.
Some hate the rain, and the wet it leaves behind.
I guess they don't see it the way I do.

Last night,

My tears fell, just like the rain outside the window.
Why did I have to take that second glance?

Last night,

I couldn't move, frozen to my chair,
just a chilled as the breeze coming through this window.

I hate this rain that falls from my eyes,
Casting it's own storm cloud over the outward look.
I hate the way it leaves my cheeks and fingertips wet and sorrowful.
But who's to give this rain storm a second glance?..

I guess the rain and I have something in common.

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