Me and Romeo

December 9, 2009
I sit in class,
watching the forbidden love
of Romeo and Juliet
unfold before a room of virgin eyes.

And I think of a Romeo,
in a classroom somewhere.
If I press my ear against a separating wall,
will I hear your laugh?
Will I hear your subtle sigh?

But maybe, could it be now,
that as I press my ear, and my fingers tremble,
that you too
could be on the other side as the same?

Has it come to this one moment,
that God has brought us together
but yet so far apart?
That only a tap or knock could tell..

Romeo, Romeo, how is it your not with me?
These walls keep us apart,
And I'll never
know if you're on that other side..

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Lovebug07 said...
Dec. 30, 2009 at 10:02 pm
This is seriously amazing!!! I love it!!!
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