The Game of Life

December 9, 2009
By Fiona Smallman BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
Fiona Smallman BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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I roll the die and begin to play. Hoping to postpone this to another day.
I head for go and land on free space.
I smile gloating in my opponents face.
All is going well, I've even collected money.
I look outside the day is so bright and sunny.
I went around the board and landed on loose a friend.
What would you expect every life takes a twist and bend.
Next comes disease, suffering, confusion and despair.
As you can guess, It was all down hill from there.
I'm so far from the end but so close to loosing.
I look ahead and see everyone else moving ahead, crusing.
Grudging ahear slowly, read to quit.
I had to take a break just stop and sit.
Stricken with panic i had to think.
Should i quit now? or stay a little longer and completly sink.
If i tried, could I get up and win it all?
No. Impossible. I would just trip and fall.
All is done, I'm doomed by fate.
My utter failure filled me with bitterness and hate.
Was it really just a game?
One that drove me completly insane.
I am so abstart yet not unique.
Its the sense of normal in which i seek.
Modernly normal has been marked as overrated.
Then again I would rather be normal then overall hated.
Full of determination I head back in, full speed.
I try and try but i cant even see the lead.
O well Ill just quit the game.
After all, It was pretty lame.
Some people have mastered this games technique.
Its there peoples skills i fing unique.
There are the people who have the best lives.
There are the people who escape the streets of ganes, guns and knives.
These are the people in which I envy.
Their lives are calm, easy and steady.
They have mastered the game of life.
Next, its your turn

The author's comments:
This is how i feel about life...

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