December 9, 2009
Who knows how long
I've been sitting here? But
I can't help it. The words
fascinate me and carry me
along a path of lines, lines
so wonderful and enthralling.
Who ever knew
that there was so much to say,
so much to take in, to relate with,
to feel, to contemplate? Index
and thumb, focused and ready
to turn the page. Each time
a new page has to be turned,
I feel a moment of urgency, anxiety,
a desire for the next word
to be introduced to me. My
eyes, they're strained. My blinking
decreases. I mustn't let anything
get in the way of meeting
these words, these lines, these pages.
But my eyelids, they've turned from
sheets to blankets, and the weight
is overpowering. The dim light beside me
seems to be going out. Or maybe it's just
me. Maybe it's just my eyes. Yes,
that must be it. Because I'm about
to fall a...

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