December 9, 2009
By <3inablender SILVER, Center Valley, Pennsylvania
<3inablender SILVER, Center Valley, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
I am greatly appreciative of feedback from people. It means a lot to me to know that what I have to say is actually worth a damn; to someone other than myself. And that my voice, screaming like hell, actually was heard when I feel like it's not heard.

All the pieces
And all the parts
Fell to the ground
Then the sky
Fell too
As if to say
Its ok to fall
As long as you
Let the sun shine
A little bit too
You are not
The only one
Who falls apart
We all crash
We all fall apart
It has to rain
But it cant rain
All the time
The sun
Always has a way
Of shining through
The darkest clouds
Even when
You think it never will

The author's comments:
As bad as things get, you may look to the future and see nothing but more darkness. But that doesn't mean there is no future there. You just have to look a little farther, a little harder.

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