Why Me ?

December 9, 2009
By T@ffy7 BRONZE, Enterprise, Alabama
T@ffy7 BRONZE, Enterprise, Alabama
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I'm judged by all and heartbroken by many.
Let me ask what makes me so different from the rest of the girls in the world.
Why do you put me in the catagory of ugly or stupid?
Why do you tell me that I can never be loved?
Why do you talk about me behind my back but act so nice in my face?
Why do you treat me like I'm an alien from a another planet?
Why are you so mean to me?
Why do you look at me like I'm a monster?
Why do you treat me like a dog and not like a human being?
Why do you call me something in front of your friends?
Why don't you MAN up and except me for me?
Why don't you WOMAN and except me for me ?

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my pain and I write my feelings down on paper or either I just come up wit one thats either painful, sexual, or ect..

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