December 3, 2009
I smile.
Smiling is key.
Your brain cannot decipher the difference
between a “fake” smile or a “real” smile.
Smiling makes the tears dry away.
I laugh and cover the sadness.
I dance to cover the pain.
I dress myself in a costume;
a costume of a different person.
I play “dress up” to appear happy.
I am happy….sometimes.
It is hard to find serenity in a world filled with sorrow.
I travel through life at a reasonable pace,
Being something I am not.
I am searching for answers..
But the answer is obvious.
I lost myself.
I am a victim of misplaced identity.
I need myself to survive this world.
Confidence will return.
I will have my day of reckoning.
Now I wait.
Wait for my true self to reappear out of the darkness.

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