Noodles and Cheese

December 3, 2009
By StephieGirl BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
StephieGirl BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Noodles and cheese, if you please
I wish that it could grow on trees
You eat it with a fork; not your hands
My! There are so many brands!
Pasta Sides, Velveeta, Stouffers, Kraft
Without these choices, you’d get the shaft
Noodles and cheese are made in many ways
In a box or gourmet
Fazoli’s, Olive Garden, Mama’s, Cici’s
Visit them all if you please
Mac ‘n’ cheese has calcium and protein
Read the boxes, you’ll know what I mean
Grownups think it’s a good snack
It brings their inner child back
Noodles are a comfort food
For when you’re in a down mood
The steam from the pot is so warm
It might set off your smoke alarm!
That bowl of goodness is in plain sight
So go ahead! Take a bite!

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