Glisten of Hope

December 3, 2009
Here's a story about a girl,
Who was never meant for this world,
Just another mistake.

One dark night brought on by her parents,
That gave her life, alone in this world with nowhere to go,
She has no one to turn to,
Who can she trust?

As she holds back the tears,
She can feel herself slipping.
The pain she hides is overpowering her mind,
Sending dark thoughts all around.
Scared and alone with nowhere to go,
She runs to the only person she knows.

Crying out for help, she asks ever so lightly,
“Please take away my pain! I can’t handle it anymore!”
And as the person just looks at her with sorrow in her eyes,
“I wish I could,” was all that she could reply,
Not knowing how to convince her, she’s not a mistake,
“If you want the pain to go away, you have to try.
I can’t do it for you.”

She falls to her knees,
Trying to hold back her tears.
She asks, “How? How am I supposed to try,
When all I see is evil in my eyes?
When no one seems cares about me?”

She looks at the girl so broken and torn, filled with guilt,
And says, “One day you’ll see that that’s all just a lie.
It’s you’re greatest fear that you think has come to life.
But I’ll say it again and as many times as you need to hear it.
I care about you, and I'm not going anywhere.
And trust me when I say this--
There’s not an evil bone in your body.”
She says with a comforting smile,
Trying to meet the girl’s eyes,
“One day you’ll see how smart and pretty you are…
One day you’ll see what I see.”

“Do you promise?” the girl asks with a crack in her voice,
“I need you to promise you won’t leave me...”
And, as the girl looks up at her with a small glisten of hope in her eyes
For the woman’s reply,
“I promise,” she says meeting her eyes,
“I will always be here when you need me;
I'm not going anywhere”

Unknowing of what she just did
She gives the girl hope, a reason to live,
A reason not to go through with the thoughts in her head,
For she finally finds someone who she can trust,
She finally finds someone who cares.

Not knowing how to respond,
She whispers so no one can hear,
“Thank you” to the woman who has always been there.

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