Beauty vs The Beast: Round 1

December 3, 2009
Do you ever feel your not enough?
You have no point, your insecure?
Do not fret because they are lies,
The Beast is trying to compromise.
It had no life, this little demon,
For it is trapped inside your heart.
Don't listen and it won't get a head start.
The Beast has to try to think of a reason
To make your life hell no matter what season.
You need to lighten up a little and believe in yourself,
The Beauty within that is shown by your grace.
It is indeed there but the one problem is,
Its covered with lies that come from within.
The Beast and his workers all need to go to hell
So that you find peace in the place where you dwell.
He tells you you're fat and so very ugly,
But ignore him and he will go away.
It seems that you won this round of the match,
Ignoring the Beast is a good choice to make.
Let your beauty shine and your face glow
For you have avoided the very first blow.

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