Disco Lights

December 3, 2009
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We're friends again
Lovers until the end
Slowly, painfully
We rebuilt that bridge
Across the way
I stop and stare
The lights from the air

Are growing nearer
They're fast approaching
I grab your arm quick
But you're not near me

I feel surrounded, in grief
Sadly, I leave
Across the half built bridge
We made of our friendship

On the other side
I see you smiling face wide
You laugh until you cry
The lights won't subside

And I stop to place
One hand on your smiling face
And you cry more
Wet tears they lie more than words
Across your stolen face
The stony maze
That creates your place
In my heart the maze

Will we ever complete ourselves
Friendship never dies
Is there something more
What is a flowing river for
Unless it takes you somewhere
The ocean, trees of despair

So as the lights above come closer

As your face runs cold on my shoulder

The bridge ahead is clear

I step away

Away from the tears

The lights come for me
I am ready
Don't believe
What they say
It's easy
To step away from you
Our half built relationship
To something new
The lights swirl colors on my fingertips
Like she used to sing to me
I hear her voice calling out to me
"Come daughter see
Come see me baby"
I am ready
I let go of your cold, clammy hand
Climb onto the stand
Over the half built mud land
The bridge teeters with my weight
You screams I can hear
It's fate
But I must go
Don't wait

I step into the light
Immediately lose my balance
There goes the bridge
Along with your voice

But it's her I hear
A crooning melody so dear
So i reach further out
Crying about

"Daughter come see
Come see me baby"

"Don't go
You're my lady"

"Daughter come see
See me baby"

"I'm in love with you
Come back to me"

Two voices running in my head
Too much pressure
Like lead
I let go
I see the disco lights

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FashionGuru said...
Jan. 3, 2010 at 2:46 pm
This poem is not about suicide. It's more about having two lives almost. Reaching for what you had in the past, what was good, over what is bad in the present.
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