The Movement

December 3, 2009
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I’m sick of conventional
Gonna start lookin for someone with potential
No more jocks with their cocky attitudes
I can’t handle them and their changing moods
I wanna date the guy who’s just a little off
Or the one who’s a little bit too tough
Because I’m sick of giving giving giving with no receive
And I’m done with the guys who think it’s nice to deceive
It’s time to start noticing the one in his shadow
The overlooked one in the famous duo
Because circle routine is giving me motion sickness
Where’s the new guy who will make me feel nervous?
I’m sorry if you feel this is offending
Maybe this seems close to babbling
But it needs to be said for every single girl
Who’s waiting for the guy who will make her head swirl

Let’s make this a movement and all join hands
Maybe we should all start to look past the brands
Because mr. popular is the new heart breaker
Let’s find the boy who will make things a little bit clearer

Maybe he won’t meet our criteria
But he’ll be the boy without the drama
The one who will love us forever
The boy who will make our hearts flutter, with every gesture.

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