Dearest Lovers of Past

December 3, 2009
By Katie Berger BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Katie Berger BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Dear Moon, you had my heart at the first glance.
The sky simply wouldn't be half as beautiful
without you.
You are my sunrise, and you light up my dreary thoughts.
I never want you to leave, but alass
You are gone when my head hits the soft pillow.
Next thing i know i am in the vein eyes of the sun.

Dear Sun, you make my skin red, and you are unkind.
Cancer comes with too much of your love.
I cannot allow this today.
I must move on, because i have to face it.
Without you, i would not have my moon and stars.
Without you, i wouldn't be warm when the weather turns.
So thank you, even if we are estranged, I am grateful
for your rays.

Dear Stars, you make the night sky drip in diamonds.
No matter where i am on this great earth, you are there.
Guiding the helpless. And making my moon,
my sweet moon, glitter amoungst your beautiful lights.
You are generous to the eyes of your admirers,
you allow the moon to take the stage even though you know
you are smaller, but completely humble you dim in his presence.
I thank you stars, you make the day seem dull in comparison.

Moon, Sun, and dear Stars,
though you are beautiful and i never could deny your beauty.
My love, you have met im sure, above us and greeting us every day.
He is tall in stature, and easy on the eyes.
His hair brown, with a personality that only suits me.
He is perfect for me..did you know?
Though i have attempted to resist, no one can beat his beauty.
Its pure, and exceptionally honest.
Dear Lover, Thank you for showing me there is more to life

The author's comments:
This piece is dedicated to my latest lover. He remains anonymous.

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