Second Best

December 3, 2009
By Anonymous

When you look through me do you see her?
Are you just waiting to be free?
Maybe I'm just paranoid
But I can't help feeling second best.

You hold my arm but it's her you watch
I see your hunger for her fiery flame.
Am I too innocent for you?
Is that why I'm second best?

Mimickery is not an option,
I can only follow her lead so far.
Already I stumble, my grip loosens.
My strength is second best.

How easily she snares you,
That passionate friend of mine.
She calls but once and you are at her side.
I am left to trail, second in your mind.

The author's comments:
Depressed poem I wrote when I was noticing how much the person I liked, actually liked one of my close friends.

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