December 3, 2009
You look at me, I look at you
Our eyes meet and I shy away
You step closer and take a gentle but firm grip on my chin
Slowly you lift my face to yours
Our eyes meet yet again and I sigh
Your face is beautiful but the things you have done are ugly
I want you to be mine however I cannot stand how you act
Carefully your lips touch mine
I hesitate and decide it might be harmless
I push back with my lips a tad harder than you
We stand together and kiss
You pull me closer and encircle me with your arms
I hold onto your waist and squeeze you
You decide to take it a step further and open your mouth
This time I push away from you and hold you at arm’s length
You look unsure about what to do next
Should you apologize? Should you walk away?
Finally you turn around and walk away
My arm stays outstretched waiting for your return
You look back over your shoulder and say “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I am sad that you left but happy that we have stopped kissing
Long after I have lost sight of your silhouette my arm drops
“See you tomorrow.”

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