Mr. Luck

December 3, 2009
My name is Mr. Luck,
I’m not lucky, I am blessed
I live on the streets, I’m not lucky, I am blessed
God looks upon me with a smile
As I go for food walking miles
I have no money, only one pair of clothes

But I am not lucky, I am blessed
For I know that God has blessed me with life

Everyday that passes, I still have a heart
I can still breathe, I can still walk

The ones who look down upon me

Have oppressed me,

I will not be oppressed.

The Lord is my shepherd,
Only He can judge me
who are you to judge me
And call me these names
Which do not describe me

I will follow God’s word, and turn the other cheek
For my name is Mr. Luck
But I am not lucky,
I thank God I’m not lucky

Because if I were,
Then how would I be blessed?

My name is Mr. Luck
I’m not lucky, I smile because I’m blessed,

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