You vs. Them

December 2, 2009
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What do you say
When you see their life slipping away
When their pain becomes yours
And you finally understand
Why all they want is for the pain to end
What do you do when it’s your job to be strong
But you cant
Your cripples under their grief
What do you do when you see the world through jaded eyes
Your apathy sickens you
But your kindness was stolen with your innocence
You learned that hope and love will only hurt in the end
But that same hope was what kept you strong
It kept you alive
And now you live for nothing
Because they took away your reason to live
What do you do when someone in your life is stolen
So permanently gone that you can never get them back
When your hearts is so irrevocably broken
You can’t even find the pieces
What do you do when you wake up screaming
From a dream of what your life could have been
A dream of what your life could still be
If you let them win

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