Cursed Journey

December 2, 2009
By Averie GOLD, Clackamas, Oregon
Averie GOLD, Clackamas, Oregon
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Wandering wastelands
And wonders
A Juliet betrayed by my Romeo
An invisible thread ties me

To the place I once called home

That place by the sea,
Where the sun dies each night,
Staining the sky blood red
My heart yearns to return for good,
But my mind tells me I never can.

Shadows cloak my face,
And my feet, bare upon the ground
Can feel the heart of the world
Beating beneath my soles
The crash of the waves,

Once my constant comfort
Now replaced with the caws of crows.

My eyes are flat
Tears once leapt from them readily
But all those are spent.
All those useless tears for him
He who stole my life
Leaving nothing a hole
That not enough still
I look at my hands and see them
Stained with blood from long ago

I should have known
That he was too good to be true
When he asked,

If I would like to dance?
I should have said no.
Nightmares confined to sleep

No more
Music echoes, long lost

Along this cursed journey
This last mile, so lonely

I know there will be a million more.

The author's comments:
Written in a Creative Writing class I'm taking.

It was inspired by my character, Iolanthe.

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