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December 2, 2009
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The world's arms don't always seem so
inviting when you take the first step out
of the old musty boxes, where
it's easy to live amidst the
geriatric black and white photography,
because the colors are too harsh and
laughter at precious ideas of
yours never sat too well on a
frail ego.
Stop. Don't be the hopeless cat woman, hiding
in her attic; nor the mainstream man, hiding
in his cubicle, only able to hear the life story
of the caller on line two.
Walk down countless neighborhood
streets, even if they aren't yours,
and learn that you better believe
you're a puzzle piece that fits into
the interconnectedness we all want
to be apart of; striving for the fresh air
beyond our front door.
Color is wild, vivid, and unpredictable as
the tidal wave that's about to beast
your pretty little beach, but
that's no reason to deprive your young
eyes and disguise them
with a pedestrian setting, devoid
of the ultimate experience.
When you're trying to make a staple
in this world, but all you have is glue,
it's a sign from God that says "You have to make it work."
So don't take tips from the jerk
that says you can't. All he knows
is the sedentary, the ordinary.

Be extraordinary. Save the musty box for him

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