may i be forgiven

December 2, 2009
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it took me days to write the words;
i always prayed you'd never have to read.
for eternity i'll wish you never had to.
blame my soul for making you.

you ask God if you may be fogiven for the greatest sin.
may his punishment be the words i wrote in a shaky hand,
tears poured onto your paper.
blurred words i prayed i'd never have to write.
for eternity i'll wish i never had to.

the guilt you have,
may it never hurt you the way it hurts me.
selfesh i feel asking for your forgiveness,
may it not burn your being to think i ask it.
self hatred grows as you read each line,
you'll forever want my forgiveness.

ironic it being the only thing you'll never lose.
i'll forever pray i gave you more.

the paper now holding both our tears.
may our tears not be the only mirror we see eachother in.
hatred you'll forever think i have toward you,
i will never bear it.
the hatred for myself,
may you never know it.

for these words i wrote to you,
may they never be rewritten.
you ask God if you may be forgiven for the greatest sin.
forever i'll be reason for your prayers.
may i be forgiven.

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