Would it Matter

December 2, 2009
By bubblestlm91 PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
bubblestlm91 PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
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love me hate me either way you think about me. _becca

Some would say yes and others would say no,
But I want to know why it would matter.
If your mother had a tail, would you still love her?
If your father had scales, would you hate him?
If your best friend had a second nose, would you reject them?
If your brother was purple, would you let others tease him?
If your sister had no mouth, would you ignore her?
If you knew it was wrong would you still do it?
Would you hate some for being different but love others that were the same?
If we were all the same, with no personality and no differences, would the world be so great?
Yes or no?
Maybe so?
Why not?
Why yes?
Why do these things matter?
Should we celebrate the things make us the people we are?
Or should we hide them from those who will criticize?
Would it matter next week?
Will it matter today?
Does it matter now?
Yes or no?

By: McKayla Winder

The author's comments:
this is about how discrimination is such a big deal in school and in the cummunity. i tried to make people see that no matter how you look at it, discrimination is still discrimination. the big question is does it really matter to you if someone is different then you.

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