December 2, 2009
By Anonymous

I watch as waves mercilessly pound the shore
As seaweed and other debris are thrown around like cloths in a washer
The wind is roaring like some kind of mad animal
The water is as cold as ice the waves are crawling at my feet then quickly retreating back to the sea
I can feel a storm coming the clouds are turning from foam white to a deep dark purple
In my head I am thinking that this storm will be big, one of the biggest of the year
The wind continues to roar
I can’t hear over the noise it is like some sort of crazed symphony
In the distance I can hear the clanging of wind chimes but closer is the howl of the wind in my ears
Thunder rumbles over the purple hills in the sky like some sort of monster, and lightning tears the sky to pieces
The wind continues to roar
I look up at the sky just in time to get the first few drops of rain in my face

Sometimes life is like a storm
Unpredictable, and chaotic with everything going on at once
Too many things are happening
I wish it would all just slow down
Then the world would be at rest
If only life was less like a storm
But the wind continues to roar

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