Kiss Me Till Dawn

December 1, 2009
By greatxssassin1 BRONZE, San Bernardino, California
greatxssassin1 BRONZE, San Bernardino, California
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You are so amazing

You drown my soul in pools of love

Without your heart the other half of me is gone

And if your soul is lost to the after life death has taken me also

I crave for your love day by day

Trillions of thoughts of you of every second of my life

The great white smiles you share with me is a blessing to my eyes

One hundred thousand more heart beats for you and each beat equals eternal love I have to spare

When the tear of happiness departed from my eye it flooded the darkness out of my heart

Our shadows were meant to be connected by love thou darkness

Our sweet woo has bridge us together for the feeling of eternal love

The poison from cupids bow has infected my soul with your love and lust

My princess why does your heart sing so peacefully...?

When you look at the sun do your eyes glare or sparkle..?

When you reach for the heaven is god lifting you or are you an angel yourself....?

My love where does the dark light shine in your heart where does it pierce the love that embraces your soul?

My angel how much tighter can you hold my heart , how much more love can you feel my spirit with?


Under this bright light surrounded by darkness we stand upon of

Our lips just an inch apart

I take just one more breath…..

And before I walk into the dreams of fantasy

And before my dreams became true

And before you become real I say

“Love me till death and Kiss me till dawn”

The author's comments:
Wrote This from the bottom of my heart.

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