Two Little Girls

December 1, 2009
They were two little girls
TWo peas in a pod
YOu never saw one
Without the other
They were two little girls
They were like sisters
A glove and a hand
They stuck together
No matter what
Then one little girl left
And oh, was she sad
She was leaving her best friend
The two little girls got older
And unlike
Slowly seperating their minds
Day by day
The little girl came back
But she was still far away
When they saw each other
Or when they were together
It just wasn't the same
Thingswere awkward
And they just didn't have
That same connection
The two little girls
Weren't so little anymore
They had different views
Different ways of life
Which seperated them apart
Longer than Earth
To the nearest star
Whatever did happen
To these two little girls
Did they ever want this to happen?
No, they didn't
Where did these two little girls go
Why aren't they there
Those two little girls
That did everything together
That love each other no matter what
Who forgived
No matter what
Why did they have to go
Because those two little girls
Are much bigger now
And are so different
And are hurting inside
Why cant they come back
Why cant those two little girls
Be lottle forever
But now they're seperated
But now they're gone
Mere ghosts in the past
Oh how one little girl wishes
They could go back
One day maybe they can
And forgive the past
Where did these little girls go
And can they come back... Please.

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