December 1, 2009
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Among the cluttered closet
The only thing un halcyon was the monster.
Twin sanguine paper lanterns jabbed into a hook.
Masquerading In between the penumbras of my room.
The ghouls and fiends are perpetual.
The ghouls and fiends and body snatchers are perpetual.
Salient foot –
Hand –
Face –
The mundane effulgence on its guise.
Bubbling, abominable claw grapples onto the sill,
Rotting and corrupting it –
Erosion gurgles on the carpet. Uncouth. Its back hunch,
Breathing and oozing its gunk in abeyance – Harbinger of Bereavement.
Watery, gooey arm reaches and flails with a concrete impact – Oblivion –
Delving in a labyrinthine of lethargic doses of lullabies –
Thirsting for a hole in the bulwark of time.
The floor falls asleep and loses its strength.
Falling down a chasm of celestial depth, you panic and wake up
Face to face with yourself – a reflection in the eyes
Of the gluttonous Boogeyman.

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