The Box

December 1, 2009
By Anonymous

She feels like she is in a box
A box of disappointment
She lives in the box

She wears her last name as protection
People respect them
It is her coat of defense

Outside her room
She is presentable
Fit to be seen
Insanity covered by a mask

She dribbles the ball
Remember to breathe
“I’m not Tessa”
The thought repeats through her mind
Breathe, she’s getting faint now
Her confidence up and left

Puts her face in a towel
Reminds herself to breathe
Pinches her tears back
Fakes a grin as she glances up
Runs to the bathroom
Stands over the toilet
Begins to gag
It is her heart she is losing

Wipes her mouth
Avoids the miroor
Tidies herself up and exits
Returns to the court
Grins again
“I’m alright” she lies

Coach puts her back in
“I can’t breathe” her mind tells her
Focuses on the rhythm
“Pretend your normal” she murmers
She must make this basket
Their counting on her

…on her normality

All this pressure
She breaks

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