Jem and Ruby

December 1, 2009
By Anonymous

I lost you,
I lost you in the trenches, in search for
you I almost lost hope.
But my hope was soon found when I went
looking for cigarette's.

To find my little blue Jem, I cut you,
into one piece I'll keep, and the
other to store, and yes, I keep in mind
of the accident, how could I not.
I have a tattoo of lines to remember
you by. Oh my sweet jem! Long time no
eat, HA I mean see. You're jagged and
I think- Ruby isn't like this.
Then I see the knife and remember.

You're are boat, suddenly to small
got so big, and you won't sink, won't
sink down, but you do after effort
and waves of water; and my mother, my
mother was routing for that boat to
stay afloat and I killed her hope.

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