Senior Year

December 1, 2009
The bitter feeling of the way it hits your throat
The way the fiber cuts your insides
The exhale of a skunky smell after hitting the bowl
It's getting old and boring

The same people doing the same thing
The guys trying what they can hoping to get lucky
The fights over people who just drank too much
I'm done with these events

Waking up and not knowing where you are
Meeting random strangers with your fake ID
Dressing only to impress
Wake up to the sober life

Receiving nonstop texts and calls only for the weekend
People always asking "where the party at"?
Random people with random memories you won't remember
I'm no longer wanting to be used

See I'm not just a party girl-that gets lonely
I pushed away my true friends
For all these fake zombies
I've become something I'm scared of

What happened to my innocence?
I use to be so young and naive
Now it's all about being out with the older kids
I went from 13 to 17 in a blur

My life has been a constant frenzy of random houses
It's boring, old, dull, and lame
I went hard my high school years
Now I just need a break
A break to see actual reality

I don't even know how to describe what I like to do
I've missed out on the simple things in life
Happiness is not dependent on how wasted you got,
But the true people and fun things you did that gave you memories to last a lifetime.<3

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