Questions For Dad

December 1, 2009
By Anonymous

i remember the look
i last saw on your face
i remember last seeing you
the exact place

i remember crying
as you walked away
i remember blaming myself
in every single way

so much to understand
but yet still unknown
the problems with you
remain still unswen
how could i be so young
and have to make a choice?
how could i talk
when i barely had a voice?

how could i listen
to the things not said?
how could i walk a path
when thers so much to dread?

i still don't understand
why you let me go
i wish i had the chance
to tell you i love you so

i don't want to know why
you chose to leave
or why you left me alone
with nothing to achieve

dad, i'm still so young
my life seems wasten
for not finding you and losing
but yet trying again

you have a wifeand
a little who is not me
when you see her smile,
is it me you see?

when she says daddy
i love you
do yopu say
she loved me too?

when she falls asleep at night
do you wish it was me
do you want that little girl
you hold to be me?

the questions i have are unsloved but nothings left to know
but tell me dad,
why did you have to go?

The author's comments:
this is about my dad who left me when i was younga nd i don't know why but i have so many wuestions that i know he will never answer

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